Saturday, January 01, 2005

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Joe was excited as he watched the massive cock of a stranger ripping into his wife Mary. The guy had no idea of the presence of Joe or the stage that he was performing on he was only interested in knocking the bottom out of this hot piece of ass that came on to him at the bar. Mary was almost overcome by the pressure that Ted was applying to her crotch every time he plunged into her, she was thrusting her hips up to meet his shaft and moaning like a whore from the pleasure she was getting from Ted's big cock. As she felt the heat of a orgasm starting to ripple in her cunt she began to thrust wildly and curse then exploded in an orgasm, Ted sped up his thrashing of her crotch and continued to bang her for a couple of minutes before he came into her cunt and then slowly stroked his dick into her slippery cunt until he softened and slipped out. As he rose from the bed and headed for the bathroom Mary propped up against the head of the bed and looked in the direction of the mirrored closet where she knew her husband was stroking his dick and began to finger fuck herself, using Ted's come as a lubricant she messaged her clit and would slip a finger to her mouth and lick another man's come from her finger then smile at her reflection in the mirror knowing exactly what she was doing.
When Ted returned he found her finger fucking herself and was flattered thinking that she was doing it since he had turned her on so much, he did not know the real reason. He dressed and then bent over her on the bed and gave her a kiss and then stood up and slipped $200 onto the nightstand.
"You were awesome," he told her as he headed for the door, "Tuesday night?" he quizzed,
"Sure Lover" Mary purred, "see you then"
Ted then left the room and walked down the hall to the front door, as the front door closed and he heard the car start Joe emerged from the closet with a surprised look on his face. He was puzzled about the money.
"What was that all about?" Joe asked,
"Ted mistook me for a hooker at the bar, when he offered me money and told me he was looking for a regular date when he is in town on business I could not turn it down."
They both laughed, apparently their little game had just gone to a new level. Joe and Mary were married right after high school, Mary had gotten pregnant by a guy on the football team who dumped her as soon as she told him and she had come to her friend Joe for comfort. Joe had a crush on Mary and had offered to marry her and take care of the baby since hid dad owned business and Joe would be working for him after school. Mary was apprehensive about marrying Joe since he was not her type sexually but she needed a way out and took it. She never even fooled around with him let alone have sex with him before they were married and so on their wedding night she was not sure how this would go. Mary had been sexually active since she was 15, 13 if you count masturbation, and soon found that she was only satisfied when she was with guys that were hung. She was sure that Joe was not since she had seen him in swimming trunks and was sure that she would need more to satisfy her appetite.
Joe knew from locker room talk that Mary was only interested in hung guys, there were several in school but he was not one of them. He often felt inferior seeing guys in the shower 2 and 3 times bigger than he was but had accepted his lot in life and moved on. He was not sure at all if he could measure up to Mary's standards but if she married him he figured it would not matter plus he was working on a plan. On their wedding night Joe carried Mary into the room and within minutes they were kissing and undressing each other. Joe slipped off Mary's clothes and starting with her mouth he slowly slid down her body with his tongue making strategic stops on her anatomy until he was on his knees and worshiping her cunt with his tongue. Mary was getting hot, as many lovers as she had been with none had ever eaten her and she was pleased to find that Joe was very good at what he was doing. He teased her swelling clit until the lips of her cunt began to reel from heat waves of pleasure then he buried his mouth directly over sopping cunt and worked her over until her knees began to buckle and she erupted in an orgasm and collapsed on the bed giggling with pleasure.
As she lay there Joe stood over her and undid his pants letting them drop to the floor and kicked them off then slipped his briefs down exposing his dick to her for the first time. She braced herself and decided to not show any disappointment in his manhood, as she gazed at his erect cock he watched her eyes, she was not a very good actress and he could easily see that she would never be happy. He did not let that affect him as he climbed into bed and mounted his bride, as soon as his dick neared the opening of her cunt she tensed a bit, he began to hump the opening letting the head of his young dick rub her clit several times until she began to moan and hump her hips back at him. As soon as she did he entered her and thrust forward with not a lot of effort, He was pleased that he could feel the warm walls rubbing against his dick and they began to fuck. He was determined to please her but after several minutes he could tell that she was losing interest and was becoming more of a sperm receptacle than a willing partner.indian actress nude photo gallery
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Sunday, November 28, 2004


She sensed that he was struggling to not come and Whispered, "go on and come baby, I got mine you get yours"
A bit embarrassed he still tried to hang in but nature set in and soon he felt his load of come racing up his shaft and he exploded into her, she felt the warm sensations of the walls of her cunt being painted with come and then they slowed and he rolled off of her onto the bed. He was amazed and embarrassed at the sane time he had just lost his virginity to a girl he worshiped but he sensed that she needed more than he could offer sexually. While she went to the bathroom he reached into a bag he brought and got out a surprise for her. When she came back she stopped and looked for a minute then began to laugh, Joe was laying on the bed with a strap on dong about 12" long and 3" around,
He smiled at her and said, "I thought this might help"
She nodded yes and said, "let's see" and climbed into bed and mounted the dong that her new husband was wearing for her.
She moaned deeply as she felt each inch slowly enter her body, it felt strange to her since it was a somewhat cool feeling but she was more concerned with being filled by it, she loved the feeling that it was almost too big and savored the mild pain of sexual flesh stretching to accommodate the intruder. As soon as she had it all in her she took a deep breath and went to work on it, after a minute or so she began to orgasm in waves and continued to do so as long as she continued to pump that thing into her cunt. When she had as much as she could stand she slipped off of it and began to kiss Joe passionately, she realized that he was as mush interested in her getting of as himself getting off and decided that they could work out the problem. As she slid her hand down his stomach she slipped the dong that was still wet from her cunt to the side and was pleased to find that Joe's dick was rock hard again, She decided to blow him, this was on advantage he had over her other lovers, she had never been able to deep throat any of her lovers but could Joe. As she began to tease and stroke his cock with her mouth Joe was in heaven, she continued to work him until he came into her mouth and she swallowed his sperm.
As they lay there basking in sexual bliss they had hammered out a deal, she would be his wife and lover but at times she needed more, he was willing to please her and they agreed that both could see others but only if the other spouse was present. In their 20's when their daughter Ann was a toddler they tried swinging which was good for them but caused too many problems with some people who wanted to get serious or felt uncomfortable with the other spouse watching them fuck.
By the time Ann was 13 and they were in their early 30's they had installed the viewing closet in their bedroom and were having sex with strangers without the lover knowing that they were being watched and taped. Mary brought home about 2 lovers a month. At this time Mary tried to seduce young black studs to fill her needs but never found one that was worth keeping around, she did not like being treated like a trophy and Joe was a little disturbed about the interracial thing so it did not last long. Next were the Internet and web cams a couple of years later.
All had been smooth for years, Mary had her tubes tied so that she would not get pregnant by a lover, and they were firmly a middle class with a house, 2 cars and a 16-year-old daughter. Joe got to fuck Mary all the time even though most were quickies to relieve the pressure in his balls caused by his wife's exploits, he still pleasured her with an assortment of toys and worshipped her. Ann and Mary were like oil and water, Joe could see that Ann was like her mother was as a teen but Nary could not. Ann and Mary became so distant that they hardly spoke and so Ann and Joe were tight. Joe did not miss the fact Ann started to blossom into a sexy creature and suspected that like her mother she was probably already fucking since she always had a guy with her or calling her. Joe had told her about the birds and the bees and had told her to make sure whatever she did she could come to him and talk. On a Friday night in October Joe was in the den with the door closed watching a vided of a recent lover of Mary's and stroking his cock when Ann knocked on the door. He turned off the VCR and zipped up then told Ann to come in. As she entered Joe could tell that Ann was upset and told her to come and sit on the couch.
Ann was shy about whatever the problem was and finally said, "dad I have to tell you something"
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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

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"Dad, I think Mom is cheating on you" she blurted out then looked to him to see the shock in his face.
She was not quite sure what to do when Joe laughed and said, "I know honey, it's okay"
Stunned she replied, "Okay, how can it be okay, she is being a whore and it's okay?"
As Joe tried to calm his daughter her stroked her long hair and soft young shoulders, he told her about the arrangement and told her that it was okay since he loved her mother and it was what she needed to be sexually satisfied. Ann sat there listening and having being stroked by Joe and felt a bit of sorrow for him.
Ann surprised Joe by asking Joe, "what are her needs that she can do you this way?"
Joe took a deep breath and was amazed at the bluntness of his explanation, " your mother needs a big dick to get off and I do not have one, I can please her but not naturally"
Ann stared deep into his eyes and said, "that bitch! You are doing what you can to please her and she still wants more, what about your needs?"
Joe was a bit shaken by her reaction, it was more of the reaction of a jealous girlfriend than a daughter, he stared at her for a few seconds and then they both knew what was coming next. Ann moved to him on the couch and before he could do anything about it they were embraced and passionately kissing. A twinge of guilt came over him but after all she was not a blood relative he thought as blood rushed to his lap and his cock sprang to life and pressed against her lag as they continued their embrace. Soon they were both naked and he had considered doing her on the couch but instead decided to treat her like a treasured lover and move her to the bedroom. She moaned with pleasure as he lifted her into his arms and carried her to bed, once on the way his erection brushed her ass and she smiled at him and whispered, "that's what I want."
As Joe sat her on the bed she looked up and found his dick, took it in her right hand and pulled him to the bed with it. Sure that she would be much like her mother he prepared to go down on her to get her off first, Ann brushed him away and placed her hands on his butt pulling his ear close to her mouth and said, "eat me later daddy, I need your dick."
Joe was still trying to convince her that he needed to get her off first but she would have no part of it. He did not resist her offer and moved to spread her sweet young legs and enter her. As the head of his dick found her opening he felt the strongest sexual urge of his life to enter her, he found that unlike her mother she was small and tight and wet, very wet. Joe raised his head to look into Ann's face then thrust forward about halfway into her cunt and was pleased to see that she had felt it, really felt it enter her body. As he withdrew his shaft and thrust again he felt the friction of her young cunt from the head to the base of his dick, in all of the sexual escapades over the years this was the first time he felt such a sensation, the feeling of filling a lovers cunt made him come alive. As they pumped each other she occasionally would let out a whimper as he plowed her, when he asked her if he should slow down she shook her head no.
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Monday, November 01, 2004

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Joe was aware of the pressure building in his balls and was keenly aware that Ann was somewhere near an orgasm of her own he continued to plow into her until they exploded in a pool of emotions and body fluids, Ann was biting her lip as she came and Joe was so pleased that he had gotten her there. As they relaxed on the bed they talked. Ann told him about her sexual history, Joe was surprised to find that he was only the second one to enter Ann's cunt, she told him the other was Billy, a kid that I knew she dated, she told me the details of what a jerk he was and that he was bigger than me but not better, all he did was hurt her with his size and he always came fast, she had dumped him because of it. Joe told her that she was a perfect lover for him but was unsure how to proceed with the relationship.
Joe told her, "Your mother and I have an agreement and I just broke it, if I want to honor our agreement I will have to tell her about us"
Ann seemed hurt and said, "why? She does not have to know, I want to be your lover but I do not want her watching us fuck, that's sick"
Joe knew that she would not agree so he told her, "Okay, new agreement, we will fuck on the sly and not tell your mother"
Ann smiled and gave him a big hug, "it's a deal, say, do you still want to eat me?"
"Yes I do," replied Joe and he did for about a half an hour until Ann was so sore between her legs that she could not stand another orgasm.
That was 2 years a go, Joe is still fucking Ann and she is still a great lover, she has boyfriends from time to time but they are still tight, Mary still does not know about it, She still fucks guys while he watches and then after they leave he jumps into bed with her and get's off pumping her slippery slit until he comes in her, she never gets off with him but he does not care, his daughter is there when he needs a lover, Mary is just a sperm receptacle with a good a good paying part-time job fucking guys. If he really cared it would probably bother him but hell, they had money and he was getting pussy, what else did he need.

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What you have to understand is that I'm involved in a poly relationship, I say that because when I first got involved in this I made it a point to read as many cuckoldry stories and information as I could. Seems to me that most couples want to somehow prove themselves to each other or open up their relationship for better sex. That's not the way it was for us. The 'Other man' is just a cock, but here it's different.
The other man is Jack, Jack's a freind, actually he's my best friend for as long as I can remember. He's tall, dark, handsome, and presents himself as a rogue. He's always been very mysterious and intriguing. Vicky always said that was what first drew her to him. Jack's a Philosophy graduate and considers himself a nobleman, when him and my wife first hit it off he came to me and said if I had a problem with it then he would disappear from her life. Now I knew my wife was in love with Jack and she was still in love with me. I wasn't about to hurt Vicky, so here I am sitting in a very comfortable chair watching Jack make love to my wife.
Yes there is a bit of cuckoldry involved in this little show, but it's not vengeful or spiteful like some couples behave. Somehow believing that allowing a husband to watch the wife make love (make love isn't the term for them, but it is for us) to another man proves how much she loves her husband and how the 'other man' is just a piece of meat. There's none of that here, and me and Jack often switch places, taking turns watching the others. It's like a bad porno but hey, she gets off on it and I can't say I dislike it. So as you've probably guess it's my turn to watch.
Vicky had been sitting on the bed waiting for a short time. She had readied herself and hadn't told Jack that tonight was a show night. Jack was like that, you could call him an old-time romantic with a new-age twist. Jack believed - and rightfully so - that my wife loved him, and she did. That was the way of things. The shower rustled in the background as Jack's bad singing floated through the small room. I had to stifle a laugh as he hit a particularly bad note and shut of the water. We could hear him wrapping the towel around his loins as the door began to open. Jack emerged dripping wet having barely wiped himself off. His gaze immediately fell on Vicky who smiled lightly. His gaze shifted around the room and then fell on me. He nodded slowly in quiet acceptance of my presence.
Vicky stood slowly, her night-gown giving off the full view of her body. She was a perfect, wonderful creature and sometimes it dogged me to know that I shared her. She had red hair that looked like fire, perfectly round breasts not too big and not too small, the kind that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Her stomach was firm and her hips soft and supple. She kept her pubic hair short and the small straight-cut tuff proved that she was a natural red-head. She seemed like an animal in the dimly lit room, her eyes sparkling at the sight of Jack, her hair flowing, and her teeth nearly glowing. "Hello, Lover," She began, looking deep into Jack's eyes.
Jack closed his eyes and nodded quickly, "Good eve, my Love," Jack replied. He stepped forward slowly so that they were touching. He reached up a hand and took her chin and kissed her long deep and passionately. Slowly, he released her and allowed her to step back and breath in. That move always hit her strong, it was so full of love it always took her a moment to catch her breath. As she backed up she forgot that the bed was directly behind her and she fell backwards giving off the cutest sound of shock that you'd ever hear.
Jack took the moment in stride and dropped the loin-cloth styled towel allowing the full length of his cock to become visible. He climbed onto the bed and over my wife. He hovered over her looking down into her soft form. She smiled up at him and moaned softly, she was already wet at the thought of him entering her silky body. She breathed in deeply taking in his musk. Jack smiled at that, and climbed over her forcing his crotch into her face. Vicky licked his cock once, very quickly, and then forced her nose into that area between his legs. She breathed in deeply taking his full smell into her body. She moaned and began to lick the spot, continuing to breath in deeply. She loved the smell of him, and as she enjoyed him, he began to pump his cock up and down filling the room with the smell of his pre-cum and increasing his musk for the woman below him. She thanked him by sucking on one of his balls for a moment, but then quickly moved back to her smelling and licking of his crotch.
Her hand worked furiously around her wet cunt, as she licked and sniffed at Jack's crotch. She was nearing climax as she pushed her fingers in and out of her wet hole. She was panting hard and moaning constantly as she worked. Her hands worked furiously, she was intoxicated.
She couldn't lick anymore, she was moaning too hard, she kept her face buried between his legs and with every pant his musk flowed into her, making it worse. She came. She forced her face up into his crotch as she screamed out in pure joy.
Jack reached down and massaged her hair, forcing her head back unto a pillow. Slowly, he lowered his cock to her. She took it greedily and began to suck him. He had been jacking off for the entire time and he was close to coming. She moved up unto him taking him as deeply as she could. She stopped abruptly, slowly, she looked up at Jack in a silent question to continue.
"I love you, keep going baby," Jack said softly as he massaged her head - enticing her to continue. She closed her eyes and went back to sucking him gently. She could still smell his musk and it filled her lungs with pleasure. She could taste his pre-cum mixing with her saliva. She moaned softly into his cock. He was getting harder in her mouth as she continued her work. She wanted his cum so bad, she needed it inside her mouth. She heard Jack grunt, but he wasn't there yet - she had to step up her tempo. She flicker her tongue over the head of his cock, she pulled it out of her mouth and then plunged it in again, sucking him, trying to get the cum out of her lover's balls. She pounded him, she could feel how close he was, she kept her motions going, she moved with skill. Jack groaned sharply as his hands tightened in Vicky's hair. It didn't hurt her, but managed to pull her closer unto him. He unloaded half a second later, his milky cum exploding into her mouth, covering her tongue.
Vicky was in Heaven, the cum filled her mouth, she felt so full, so good. Jack released her, and she fell back down unto the pillow, cum covered her lips and rolled partway down her chin. Jack knew what would make it better, he reached down to her pussy and pushing a finger inside, collected a taste of her juices. He offered his fingers too her, she accepted them. The cum and her juices filled her mouth and mixed with her saliva, it was a wonderful taste. She smiled up at Jack, "I love you," she whispered. Jack stroked her face lightly, he had pleased her and that was all he wanted. Vicky's moved up and down Jack?s firm body, her eyes falling on his still firm cock. She moaned softly as she reached out and took the tool in one of her hands. Saliva and cum glistened in the low light, she moaned again. "Fuck me," she said simply, "Please, I need you inside of me."
Jack reached down and kissed her softly, then he moved down on her and positioned his cock at her hole. Slowly, she spread herself too him and gasped as she felt his cock enter her cunt. She pinched her clit as hard as she could to increase the sensation. The pleasure coursed through her entire body as she came again, she stifled a scream so that Jack would continue. He didn't seem to notice - or if he did he wasn't interested in stopping. He pushed into her body, touching at her cervix. She felt so full, so loved.
She glanced over at me, and whispered "I love you,"

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I whispered back, "I love you too, now sit back and let him fuck you," She must have heard me because she fell back with a massive grin on her lips. The grin was quickly replaced as she gasped. Jack began pumping in and out of her body, his cock pulling out soaking wet each time. He bit and pulled at Vicky's nipples as he pushed deep inside of her. Their bodies rubbing together with passion the heat, sweat, smells, juices mixing together as they moved. They moaned together as her hands gripped the soaked bed covers. She had come twice already, and her hole was well lubed. He slid in and out of her easily, and she moved back against him with each thrust, accepting his penetration.
Vicky was moaning constantly now as she was nearing her climax, Her body was worn out, tired, but she wanted more. She had no more juices left in her but she still wanted more, she wanted to come again, she wanted it so bad, she needed it. She accepted his animal lust for her, she wanted it so bad, she could feel it too. She opened her eyes wide as she was heading for the best climax she had ever had. Her tongue licked out of her mouth, trying to reach Jack's face which hovered inches from her own.
Jack knew when to kiss her, he grunted as he edged closer to Climax. Finally, he reached down and kissed her passionately on the lips. He pushed one last thrust, penetrating her as deep as he would go, her entire body tensed as she let out a scream into Jack's mouth. He forced his tongue into her mouth and stifled the noise. Her vagina tensed around Jack's cock and began to pump it. She could feel the cum entering her body, she felt so full, so loved. She went limp, she was exhausted.
Her breathing was heavy and she was tired. She didn't have any strength left, and when Jack rolled over unto the bed and helped her on top of him, she didn't resist and just lowered her body down unto his cock. She didn't move, just sat on him with his cock in her, panting
slowly. Jack smiled up at her, and looked over at me.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

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"You coming?" I couldn't pass up the invitation, and quickly stood. I walked over to where the two lovers sat and jumping up unto the bed, I positioned myself against her. Jack helped her forward, pushing her cunt up against me. He pulled out giving me access to her wet hole. I pushed in once, and heard my wife moan. After pulling out, I grabbed her pussy hard, she cried out lovingly at my touch. With my hand covered in her juices, I poked her ass, lubeing her up, preparing her for my intrusion.
Jack returned his cock to Vicky's pussy and I pushed my way into her tight ass - god she is tight. I couldn't stifle a grunt, but it didn't matter, she screamed out with full pleasure.
"God," She cried between pants, "I love you two so much," She said as she moved up and down at her own pace. It wasn't fast enough for me, and I knew she wanted it hard. I pressed in against her and began to pump her ass. She stopped her movements, and moved down on Jack's cock as low as she could go, she allowed me to pump her ass as she enjoyed the full feeling of Jack's cock inside her pussy. She cried out again, heading swiftly for a second climax. She sat up on Jack, using him as a brace for her tired body, she pushed herself into me. I reached around and found her nipples, slowly, I began to massage them pinch her and pull her. She moaned with each movement of my hands and hips. "Oh god," She cried out again, "I'm going to come." I quickly dropped my hands to her stomach and pushed in gently. She screamed as she came, a loving pleasure scream. I could feel it resonate through my hands and body. I wasn't done, and I continued pumping inside of her. "Don't stop, don't stop!" She moaned. I wasn't about to. I kept hard into her, pumping her, keeping her moving. Her body was fatigued and she was content to just lie there and be fucked. I kept pumping her, we began to rise to climax together. I could feel my cock swelling in her, and her cries showed me that she felt it to. "oh yes," She moaned, "Oh god, I'm going to come again," she cried.
"Come with me, honey," I said as I reached up there.
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Sunday, August 01, 2004

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"Yes, please, come in me my love," She moaned as she reached the climax. I groaned and she screamed. I came in her ass, my cock pumping inside of her, letting loose a torrent inside of her. She panted slowly, there was no strength in her, she fell limp.
We fell like dominos, and landed on our sides in the bed. Jack - who hadn't moved - shifted to look at the woman we loved. "I love you both, so very much," she said, slowly, her eyes nearly closed. Both me and Jack told her that we loved her. And so there we were lying together, myself, my wife and Jack. Slowly, her eyes closed and she fell asleep in our arms.
Slowly, Jack stood from the bed, so quietly that he wouldn't wake the sleeping woman. I edged out from her, and picking her up, edged off the bed. Jack threw off the wet sheets and going into the closet, found a new set. I laid my wife down into the bed and went into the bathroom. I ran some hot water and soaked a towel and going back out, I cleaned up my wife. Jack fluffed the comforter and when I got out of the way, he let the blankets fall over her. Slowly, he dressed himself and threw on a leather jacket.
"Where are you going?" I asked, knowing full well that he was just going to walk in the park. Philosophers.
"To the park," He said simply, "keep her warm, I'll be back before she wakes up."
"You make sure of it," I said, and with that, he winked at me, and then walked out of the room. For notes sake, because I know you're all dying to know, he did come back and we had many more nights like that. I'm just glad that next time it's his turn to watch.

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Friday, August 01, 2003

I was reading some of the stories on here and thought I would tell you about my husband and I. We are in our mid 40's and have been married for 25 yrs and always had a good sex life. We were not really into anything kinky but enjoyed the sex life we were having. The last few years though have became alot more intense after the kids moved out and he talked me into doing cyber sex with men on the internet. Its not a bad thing and I have enjoyed telling him during sex about how I fucked and sucked the guy and how hot it got me doing it. After a good time on here I really was hot and would cum as soon as he touched me so things were great for us.
Things went on like that for about 6 months I guess and we started looking to buy new sex toys and sexy clothes for me to use after guys got me all hot and wet. We did have some toys but nothing like they have out now so was a big surprise for us when we found a web-site with all the things we needed. I bought a new 10'' dildo, new crotchless garter and a black lace bra. I also found this great outfit made of leather with a strapon. He had always liked when I would use my finger on him so thought this would be a nice change for him. I couldn't believe how real they look now!! It took about two weeks for our new stuff to arrive and when it did I just had to try it all out. That night I took a nice hot shower then told my husband I was going to get dressed and cyber for him and to wait in bed for me. I was having a ball and feeling so sexy that during my cyber I did something I had never done before! I took my new dildo and began to use it on myself. It was nothing like the old white vibrator we had and I could not believe how real it felt in me.

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